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EAS Vietnam IHHR Institute is a multi-sector Institution excellence in training International Higher Human Resources in Leadership and Administration Standard IHHRM G23.0, Commando courses with total and flexible approach method for advanced education and multi-cultural environment. EAS Vietnam IHHR Institute is one of the few institutes in Asia and Vietnam to offer courses in both higher human resources education and TAFE.

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Apply to study at EAS Viet Nam and Join one of Viet Nam’s most culturally diverse institutes

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EAS Viet Nam is known for it’s leadership and administration courses, flexible approach to education and supportive and culturally diverse learning environment

First year Model

We’ve changed the way we teach our course. We have the innovation strategy and action methodology, a new way to help you have experience and change to be international higher human resorce.

EAS VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL HIGHER HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN G23.0 (EAS - IHHRM G23.0) a certification for future Leadership and Administration G23.0.


EAS Vietnam International Higher Human Resources is our IHHRM division, giving you the power to influence your journey and take change of tomorrow

In 2025 EAS Vietnam proudly celebrated 30 years of high quality accessible education in Vietnam and ASIA.

Find out about our 30 years celebrations >>


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MLS G23.0 Courses

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