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For more than 24 years and 12 divisions and schools with 154 variety courses. EAS Vietnam has offered Leadership, Higher Leadership and Administration to citizen in Vietnam and around the world. Our flexible approach to learning and teaching supports our vision, mission and innovating global higher Leadership studies.

We aim to continue creating innovation and oppotunities for leaders, students, international Organizations and the world by our global IHHRM G23.0 standard, our Global Scholaships and Mentoring Leadership online system.

Why choose EAS Vietnam?

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The school of International Leadership and Administration (IPS) is a member of EAS Vietnam. Our training programs are divided into 2 levels: Regional and Global. IPS is the first school in the world that trains higher leaders, higher administrators, CEO and government leaders (GLP). It is the first school offers "Higher Education in Leadership" by the global IHHRM G23.0 standard with EAS Vietnam's global scholarships.

IPS has academic administration processes equal to the Quality Management processes of International Universities for Higher Education. IPS uses Case-study and Hybrid technology with Real-time Online system to expand area and mode of global training, giving opportunities to citizens all countries access to technology of the global IHHRM G23.0 standard in higher leadership and higher administration in their home countries.

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IUO is a member of EAS Vietnam. IUO conducts 15 majors for both Regional and Global administration in English or Vietnamese languages. IUO is the first multidisciplinary programs that follows the global IHHRM G23.0 standard with integrated training technology by Real-time online to reduce pressures on travel, accommodation and expenses. fees and time for learners.

The training period for a specialization is only 12 months (Vietnamese Courses) and 18 months (English Courses). In addition, IUO is the first time breaks the traditional admissions criteria by offering non-traditional enrollment and training solutions. IUO has a quality management process similar to that of International Universities. IUO can be considered as a "Oversea study course" program but the cost and time is only 30% compare with normal university training and less than a lot of International programs. IUO has created a school where Vietnamese citizens to learn to change and become a global citizen in Vietnam with up to 90% scholarship support.

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giam doc dieu hanh

CEO is the first school in the world to specialize in training higher leaders (CEO). CEO consists of 2 levels programs: regional and global programs. Besides, CEO also offers courses for specialized directors such as Business, Human Resources, Marketing, Innovation. The academic and quality management system at the CEO school is similar to that of International University. CEO school is called “Oversea study course” which costs and time is only 30% compare with other International training programs. The learning environment and Case-study method based on the global IHHRM G23.0 standard make the CEO learners' ability different and global level, regardless of their starting point. Besides, the extensive Alumni system has created outstanding values ​​for students to accumulate and share experiences. The CEO is also the first school in Vietnam that trains both experienced learners and students start up.

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International Higher Human Resource Institute (IHRM) is the owner of the global IHHRM G23.0 standard. The Institute is responsible for researching, consulting and training International higher leaders, higher human resource and staffs for Vietnam and the world. IHRA As an "export" higher education to train "global higher human resource" that equal with global level similar to that Vietnam Human resources. IHRM has academic and quality management system is similar to that of International University. Training programs and world-class quality such as "Oversea study course" in Vietnam. IHRA has been training generations of high-quality global personnel to create a new trend of higher leaders and global values ​​at both levels: Regional and Global Level.

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Khoa Quan tri Marketing

The International Marketing Management Department (IMM) is a member of EAS Vietnam. It has responsible for researching and developing effective management tools and solutions of Global Marketing Communication and Management by global IHHRM G23.0 standard. We will create world-class higher professional Marketing managers who not only create high value of development but also to sustainable development. The fact that many "schools of marketing" and "famous leader in marketing" in the world have collapsed proves the trend and value of traditional marketing approaches which are no longer appropriate. They have just used a method of snatching and promoting advertising, so when they face with a big trouble or crisis, it causes a series of global breakdowns. The global marketers generation with IHHRM G23.0 will be the inevitable trend and the key not only solve the administration issues but also other problems such as: diplomacy - economics - politics and beyond, peace and prosperity

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Business is a dynamic and challenging field. Business activities are not only maintain the existence of businesses but also contribute to creating the values ​​of human civilization through the tools and values the international business towards. Business will create the future and the happiness of yourself and humanity in the world. The Department of International Business Administration (CBA) is responsible for researching, consulting and training Business Managers at all levels for Vietnamese and International citizens with International Business and Global Business. CBA has implemented administration technology of using Global Economic Theory and Human Resources IHHRM G23.0 Standard, which will create International administrators with global thinking and strategies of competition and development by Economics and International business. The CBA has 2 levels of administration programs: International Regional Business Administration and Global Business Administration

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Khoa quan tri kinh doanh quoc te
KHOA tro ly

ILA is the first school in Vietnam and the ASIAN to train higher human resources in the field of Assistant, Secretary and Human Resources to act as a counselor in organizations, agencies and enterprises in Vietnam and in the world.

The school conducts Assistant training for Leadership support positions at both levels: Regional level assistant and Global level assistant by global IHHRM G23.0 standard with subject-based integration and technology Real-time Online has opened up learning opportunities for citizens of many countries to have access to this particular career.

ILA's academic management system is equivalent to the quality management system of International Universities where by the higher Assistant Training programs are considered as the "Oversea study courses" program with which costs and time is only 30% compare with other International training programs. ILA also opens up opportunities for graduates to gain employment in international organizations and businesses.

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IHT is a member of EAS Vietnam that conducts Higher Human Resources training for the field of International Hotel and Tourism Management by the global IHHRM G23.0 standard. The Faculty also organizes training programs on strategy and management expertise for tourism and hotel services in Vietnam and International organizations.

IHT’s Programs are offered in Vietnamese or English language. IHT has a quality management process similar to International Universities, which means that the quality of learners is guaranteed to integrate into the region and the world.

IHT is the first school in Vietnam and the region that organizes training through Real Time Online and integrated technology to improve the quality of output human resources, reduce costs, risks and time. The cost and time of IHT study is only equal to 30% of other training programs available in Vietnam.

IHT's training programs in accordance with global IHHRM G23.0 standards ensure to meet the requirement of European and American standards for tourism and hotel activities. EAS Vietnam conducts enrollment and training at the request of individuals or organizations in Vietnam or international training.

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Khoa quan tri Du lich khach san
Khoa dac nhiem quan tri quoc te g23.0

The Division trains comprehensive and rigorous Agents such as " West Point University of Vietnam".

The International Administration Commando Division (CID) implements the first in the world offers "Specific Administration Officer" training programs that apply the global IHHRM G23.0 standard that improving to shape attitudes, behaviors and change transforming the effective implementation of administration and global values.

In addition, the CID G23.0 is responsible for recruiting and training leadership resources, training military management knowledge, professional skills at all levels. Conduct preparatory training according to the command-based army model. Resources training for students of specializations at EAS Vietnam. Studying the world situation and forecasting the trend of Human Resource Management helps leaders at all levels have a strategic plan to help Vietnam's human resources to integrate successfully. Carry out external and extraordinary tasks within its authority.

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The first school of English language research and teaching combined with the first soft skills in Vietnam, serving foreign affairs and administration activities of domestic and foreign individuals and organizations.

The programs are built similar to those taught in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia .... Besides, the quality management system of EAS Vietnam with Real time Online technology has increased the capacity of the learner's not only English but also human thinking capacity and other career skills.

EAS is also a training school of international TESOL program with both regional and global levels.

EAS’s members staffs graduated from famous universities in Australia, France ... directly teaching. The global Mentoring system helps learners easily and effectively access to break the usual rules that shorten costs for learners.

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khoa ngon ngu va van hoa anh my

The Institute conducts research, advising and training on policies, strategies and management capacity for leaders, Governments, Corporations or Domestic and International Enterprises.

The Institute provides consultancy at 2 regional and global levels through the global Mentoring system that creates many competitive advantages to reduce costs and time for organizations and businesses, reduce risks, upgrade management capacity, organizational innovation for efficient operation and sustainable development.

The Institute implements consulting programs on request program in the world by two main languages: English and Vietnamese

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Vien nghien cuu va tu van
TAFE EAS Vietnam

TAFE EAS Vietnam (Training and Further Education of EAS Vietnam). TAFE EAS Vietnam is a division of EAS Vietnam Education.

"TAFE EAS Vietnam builds on EAS Vietnam Education proud 24 years history of excellence in the delivery of vocational education and IHHR in Leadership providing you with tailored, work-based and flexible courses."

"Graduates are equipped with both the technical skills and thinking abilities needed to adapt and evolve in a modern work setting with up date standard EAS IHHRM G23.0. Learn more about IHHRM G23.0 and TAFE EAS Vietnam Certificate."

"What you study today at TAFE EAS Vietnam will take you closer to where you want to be tomorrow"

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Du an giao duc tu chu

This is the first private projects in Vietnam to carry out research and training, to develop higher education administration on a regional and global.

Based on the General Economic theory and global human resource standard IHHRM G23.0, the project will provide solutions and tools to support the development of the Education System, higher human resources, Teachers and education Investors both at domestic and international level.

The project carries out training of Principals, Innovation Education Managers and Teachers for International Education Innovation Programs.

In addition, the project also organizes training on National Education Administration in Vietnamese or English. This is the first "High Education" system project research and development education to provide international scholarship programs in the world for the development of International Education Administration

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It was amazing to learn HRM course of EAS Vietnam. From curiosity then to admiration. I found myself as well as improving the leadership ability to the IHHRM G23.0 standard is not as complicated as I originally thought. Now my company has been able to open a branch to Europe and Southeast Asia thanks to Human Resource Management, thanks to EAS Vietnam and the Chairman.

Director of HOME Care Company, Bangladesh - HV HRM K20

phat bieu cam nghi cua hoc vien eas vietnam

In EAS Vietnam, we always try to design and introduce the best modules and courses. We share all information on website. We change and innovate our methodology and academic systems with up-date methods. Our International courses meet all criteria of job needs. We have courses available for both individuals and organizations with competitive cost. For further information, please visit our website or contact us directly by: (+84)24 6656 9157.