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What is EAS – IHHRM – G23.0?

EAS IHHRM G23.0 stands for: EAS Vietnam International Higher Human Resources Management G23.0 System is a new International Higher Human Reources Management standard framework invented by Chancellor Viet Anh Bui Phuong, President of EAS Vietnam Education on International Higher Human Resources Education G23.0 in Leadership and Administration G23.0. He is also founder of General Economic theory in G23.0.

EAS IHHRM G23.0 is publiced in 2013 in Vietnam and the world.



Description of EAS Vietnam International Higher Human Resources Management G23.0 System.

The EAS Vietnam International Higher Human Resources Management G23.0 System (EAS IHHRM G23.0) consists of International Higher Human Resource Qualification Framework independence applied by Organizations, Universities and Educators all around the world. In which International Higher Human Resources G23.0 was training for very high qualification framework market requirements.

In EAS Vietnam Education, we are also applied and developed this (EAS IHHRM G23.0) qualification framework in our processes.

About Founder

MA in MTESOL, Chancellor, Mr Viet Anh Bui Phuong graduated from Victoria University Australia. The father of General Economic theory and International Higher Human Resources Management G23.0 standard. He is also a practical and Innovation Administrator, the best instructor in Enlish and Soft skills teaching in Vietnam. Now, He is President of EAS Vietnam Education in Vietnam and EAS Vietnam network in the world.

Framework Quality

Quality assurance and stringent approval requirements for International Higher Human Resources G23.0 education institutions ensure that EAS Vietnam Education has an International reputation for the International Higher Human Reources G23.0 and Leadership G23.0 training. The International Higher Human Resources in different level and group have different assessment requirements on broad knowledge, effective job skills, theoretical and practical knowledge and highly skilled work in leadership. EAS IHHRM G23.0 in EAS Vietnam consists of: 1 thinking way competency G23.0, 13 behavioral competencies G23.0 and 1 technical competency G23.0.

The main EAS Vietnam IHHRM G23.0 Qualification Framework qualification awarded by higher theoretical and practical on advanced knowledge and skills for Leadership G23.0 or Administration G23.0 according to update G23.0.

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