Education Administration Class Opening Ceremony For 800 Managers, Key Offcails Of Educational Organizations Across The Nation

In the context of national reforms of economic and politic for global integration, development and competition, it is accompanied by a tough mission that the education needs to be reformed and needs fundamental innovations in Vietnamese education system and to meet the urgent and strategic requirements for integration and development of Vietnam’s human resources with new integration conditions.

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Accordingly, the education system needs to restructure whole system in terms of the scope of the tasks, the feature and method of academic administration to ensure barriers removing that people can access educational services more easily. At the same time, it creates a mechanism that attracts individuals, organizations to invest in education for education revolution. The socialization of education is linked to the country's sustainable development goals, in which an important mission put on educators’ shoulders. It is considered enormous in terms of both the scale and the feature of administration. It also ensures that education is both a economic leader in education and an effective means for reforming Vietnamese government structure.

This program helps improve the administration competence of leaders and management levels with more than 800 officials from education system, educational organizations and policy makers in Viet Nam.

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(PR Department - EAS Vietnam)

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