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The great secrets of the world are discovered and prevented risk as well as from nature since long time ago. Over the centuries, the single knowledge has been transformed into interdisciplinary science. These studies bring about all changes to human life and human civilization.

Today, The social life is changing days by days and the change of nature and the development of global integration have challenged people's awareness and capacity. These challenges not only create gaps in science, but also create more researches to develop human success when people face to face with all the mysteries of the world.

With 5 socio-economic models, people also passed 5 levels of thinking and capacity to organize society, manufacture and production of material wealth for society of regions, countries and over the world.

nghien cuu


At EAS Vietnam, we are recognizing the importance of the ability to detect leaders' decision-making competence, the effectiveness of organizational management and whole system operations. Therefore, EAS Vietnam has initiated research projects to improve the thinking, behavior, adaptive and integration capacity of all human resources as well as all organizations operating in the global supply chain system.

The EAS Vietnam research projects are led by Chancellor Bui Phuong Viet Anh, International Higher Leadership Expert. The projects have opened new trends of human resource theory, new administration theory which called the General Economic Theory on the continent and the whole world. The theory with 4 main pillars as a background for the introduction of the Global IHHRM G23.0 standard. The Global IHHRM G23.0 standard consist of IHRA G23.0 (IHRM)  International standards and IHHRM G23.0 Global standard. This achievement will completely change the awareness of global higher human resources managers and geographies.

  1. The theory focuses  into the study of behavior and thinking of higher human resource, higher leaders and the theory of international administration model G23.0.
  2. The theory also points out the parameters and factors that influence and inhibit the effectiveness of administration activities of domestic and international organizations.
  3. The theory also confirms the role of leadership and human resources in the new administration model G23.0. It is not known as what we have learned and known for decades.
  4. The theory also give out solutions and tools to help solve the crisis and risks in integration, development and competition of organizations and individuals at a global level.
  5. EAS Vietnam studies have carried out research both domestically and internationally with all types of state institutions, governments and business organizations across the world.

Domestic research activities of EAS Vietnam aim to build a tectonic government, ministries, autonomous organizations, innovative businesses and pioneering effective operations by global IHHRM G23.0 standards. EAS Vietnam's international research is geared towards building a nation of learning and sustainable development and building a new integration theory to ensure academic equality. EAS Vietnam's international research work aims to develop a team of international policy, leadership, and governance to build the way for prosperity and develop learning countries to ensure academic equality between Vietnam and the whole world.


Domestic Research Activities


International Study Activities


International Leadership & Administration Study Activities

EAS VIETNAM で、皆様へ完璧的にプログラムを作るように能力している、サイトでプログラムに関する情報を公表する。それに加えて、グローバル人材EAS IHHRM G23.0基準によるより高いのキャリア条件と労働市場の需要を満たすために、育成方法と学術を更新して続き。また、特徴的なプログラムと最も競争的な学費を通じて、人づくりや組織づくりの需要を満たすために心構えする。つまり、学費、キャンパス、資格などプログラムの詳細は本ウェブサイトをご覧下さい、あるいは(+84)246 656 9157の電話番号でお問い合わせ下さい。