Opening Ceremony Of CEO K28 Program In Vietnam

EAS Vietnam organized CEO K28 Program Opening Ceremony for leaders of corporations and companies in Vietnam. Attending and directing the ceremony, Mr. Bui Phuong Viet Anh, Chancellor and President of EAS Viet Nam gave the opening speech and advised the students, managers to promote a sense of responsibility, creativity and innovation to achieve academic goals as expected.

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The graduates will become business leaders running their businesses to grow and compete to reach out globally.

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Answering a student's question is how to innovate business and operate effectively after this program, Mr. Bui Phuong Viet Anh said that the first step to run a big business is to have a team led by a great leader. A great leader needs to be brave, enthusiastic to learn, responsible and possesses strategic vision, not follow the crowd or do carelessly, etc. Training "International CEO G23.0" is a typical program designed according to the Case-study model basing on the General Economic Theory and EAS IHHRM G23.0 Global Standard to ensure the version of each future CEO. The CEO program aims to train the strategy and operational skills in International Organizations.

The CEO G23.0 program was established with the goal of removing the gaps among Vietnamese CEOs and International CEOs.

(PR Department - EAS Vietnam)

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