Graduation Celebration of International Commando G23.0 K13 2019

Vinh Phuc branch of EAS Vietnam had solemnly celebrated the graduation ceremony “Special Administration Officer G23.0” for 45 students of K13 whose successful completion of the rigorous and comprehensive training program considered as West Point originated from the prestigious academy of the United States in human resource training.

International Commando G23.0 is a special program of EAS Vietnam. It was built on the basis of General Economic Theory and Global International Higher Human Resource Management (IHHRM) G23.0 Standard, to create administrators equipped with "the physique of a model, the health of an Olympic athlete, the intelligence of a scholar, the speaking skills of a preacher, the behaviour of a psychologist". This program was the quintessence of Science - Leadership - Wisdom - Intelligence - Economics - Military - International Administration develops a team of " Special Administration Officer" in Viet Nam and around the globe. The graduates will work for domestic or foreign organizations or units according to their expectations.

Thầy Việt Anh


At the Ceremony, DrS. Bui Phuong Viet Anh, Chancellor and President of EAS Vietnam noted the trainees before the begin of mission towards each one's dream of success.





(International Commando Division - EAS Vietnam)

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