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Выберите EAS Vietnam для успехи

There is no greater victory than being confident and prepared for the job you want when you graduate and there is no better way to get there than teaming up with EAS Vietnam. We are focus on the end goal and processing forward to future: students who graduate job at ready. Our International Higher Human Resource Institute in Leaderships and Administration field Standard IHHRM G23.0 help our graduates forge successful careers in competitive job markets.

We offer an environment which nurtures each students individual success through:

- Accessible transition from IHHRM G23.0

- Real practice services support

- The largest range of scholarships of any courses at EAS Vietnam. Every member of the EAS Vietnam community is focused on helping you reach your true potential and we will not give up until you are fully prepared for victory

Work & Study ready start up

Meet some of our work study ready start up which describe how our teaching processing in their careers.

We are leaders in Leadership & Administration

Out standing  reputation  in leaderships, projects, theories strategies is supported by extensive course offerings, innovative researches, modern facilities and expert staffs.

Our community

EAS Vietnam is not just about working learn about what else we have to offer and get involved with vivid and multicultural EAS Vietnam community.

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