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The EAS Vietnam - International Higher Human Resource Institute (IHHRI) senior leadership team is led by the President - Chancellor Bui Phuong Viet Anh with the guidance of the Academic Council of EAS Vietnam. The leadership team (Academic Council) drives Institute's activities and experiences all in Vietnam or out of Vietnam.

EAS Vietnam was constituted in accordance with the EAS Vietnam Education at 2014 EAS - IHHRM G23.0.

Academic board

The Academic board is responsible to council for Academic oversight of institute teaching and learning.

Institute policies

EAS Vietnam is committed to a policy framework that aims to make our values and mission real by having actions create a safe and consistent academic and work environment.

The Institute’s policies reduce institutional risk and make sure we operate more effectively by establishing best practice is policies and procedures.

Our policies are intended to inspire staff to achieve excellence so that we can transform the lives of our students through the power of Leadership & Education.

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