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Программа ученых канцлера

The student chancellor program provides opportunities to develop your communication and networking skills.

You have the chance to meet our staffs or experts to help you in your studying life.

Benefit of being a chancellor student

Being a chancellor student is a rewarding job with many benefits, including:

  • Earning money while you have fun
  • Enhancing your public relation, communication skills
  • Gaining value, leadership skills and work experiences
  • Get full scholarships
  • To be employed

Key requirements

To be chancellor students you need to be enthusiastic about your course and about EAS Vietnam, you should also want to share your enthusiasm and experience with propertive student.

In addition, chancellor students are required to:

  • ID
  • Have the right to work in Vietnam
  • Be flexible with hours worked

Student leadership model

Please check back at link click here

How to apply

Higher mentor or place a student

Promoting your employment opportunities and raising your brand profile among the future workforce

-  Advice job for students and graduates

-  Recruitment and placement

We can promote your employment opportunities through our “Learning in the workplace and courses” program for students.

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