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Как подать заявку

Apply Scholarships

To help with the cost of your education, we have:

- A range of scholarships available

- Professional trained staff to provide you with financial advice and assistance

Step 1: Read Scholarship guide information

Step 2: Choose scholarships for the courses you dream

Step 3: Fill out the form and submit to send to EAS Vietnam Scholarships Office (ESO) from link: http://www.easvietnam.edu.vn/en/apply-for-eas-vietnam-scholarships

Step 4: Interview online/ offline

Step 5: Get feedback from scholarships officer

Step 6: Complete Academic documentaries to study, pay tuition fee (If have). Click to download the form here

Step 7: Receive COE for applying Visa to Vietnam (Offshore students)

Step 8: Begin to learn in Vietnam (or Real time Online)

Apply Courses

Click to learn about and register courses: http://www.easvietnam.edu.vn/en

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