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"You're from your family, the social makes you popular but EAS Vietnam brings you up to the next future level!"

How To Apply

Apply Scholarships

To help with the cost of your education, we have:

- A range of scholarships available

- Professional trained staff to provide you with financial advice and assistance

Step 1: Read Scholarship guide information

Step 2: Choose scholarships for the courses you dream

Step 3: Fill out the form and submit to send to IHHR scholarships office

Step 4: Interview online/ offline

Step 5: Get feedback from scholarships officer

Apply Courses

Click to learn about and register courses.


In EAS Vietnam, we always try to design and introduce the best modules and courses. We share all information on website. We change and innovate our methodology and academic systems with up-date methods. Our International courses meet all criteria of job needs. We have courses available for both individuals and organizations with competitive cost. For further information, please visit our website or contact us directly by: (+84)24 6656 9157.

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