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Eas Vietnam Young Leadership Programme For Students (EAS Vietnam YLPS)


October 2018 - October 2022, Vietnam


EAS Vietnam’s Young Leadership Programme for Students is looking for dynamic young leaders who are students all around the world.

This Programme will provide scholarship for courses in leadership standard of human resources IHHRM G23.0 for students whom dream to become global leaders in the near future.

YLPS will build up comprehensive human networks among the leaders of organizations, companies, leadership and administration for young students to become leaders in the near future in all countries in the world.

Programme General Director:  Bui Phuong Viet Anh, Chancellor of EAS Vietnam IHHR Institute

Degrees Offered: Diploma or Certificate for Green Global Leadership and Administration G23.0

Scholarship: for international students, Vietnamese students

The scholarship will provide study fee from 70%-100% value of the courses.

Language of instruction: English

Time Schedule:  YLPS will duration 9/2018-9/2022 and contain of many courses.

The course will take about from 6 months -12 months. Student can choose one or more course.

A course: 6-12 months

Enrollmenrt: Every 3 months a year

Graduation: Every May

How to apply scholarship for EAS Vietnam YLPS:

Step 1: Read carefully this announcement and visit website link: www.easvietnam.edu.vn/en   click to register button, choose apply scholarship.

Or directly visit under link:


Complete the form and submit.

Step 2: An Interview by BOD of Scholarship Office will be on Real-time (Online)

Step 3: Receive COE or letter from EAS Vietnam

Step 4: Welcome you to become EASer!

YLPS Brochure: click here

Young Leadership Programme For Students (YLPS) was introduced by EAS Vietnam IHHR Institute.

The objectives of the programme are to

1. Find and training leaderships ability for young students who have dream to be leaders of organizations, companies or leaders of nations even start up.

2. Build up comprehensive human networks among the Green Global Leaders.

3. Build up Strategies and ability to design green organizations, green countries, green leader teams.

4. Establish friendly relationship and cooperation with the other organizations, countries.

5. Establish and run Projects.

Programe is also designed to expand students comparative from their own background knowledge and working experiences in leadership and administration while providing them with an in-depth understanding of IHHRM G23.0 standard in leadership.

Target group:

Courses are designed for persons who are seeking to be Global leaders or CEO, President, Expert, Higher manager, Supply chain while they are still students.

Students are invited to Vietnam to study or study through Real-time 1:1 (Online). These courses are designed to develop a broad range of knowledge and skills of running our own projects standard G23.0 that will prepare you for a career in business, trade, organizations management. These courses are pathways into MLS or MLA or higher education

EAS Vietnam’s Young Leadership Programme for students will provide training, knowledge sharing and networking on Leadership-based value chains and their contribution to a flat world. Young professionals will interact with global and regional leaders, network with peers and develop strategic thinking on how to manage and use all and resources to address  international societal and economic challenges.

More information on the EAS Vietnam YLPS is available from the www.easvietnam.edu.vn

The economic, social and human resource challenges of today need bright new thinking that will shape tomorrow.


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