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The Cooperation Between Eas Vietnam And Ho Chi Minh Vocational College Of Technology

Following the project of Vietnam – Russia Vocational College No.1, the representative of EAS Vietnam has a meeting with the representative of Ho Chi Minh Vocational College of Technology about running Training & Further Education project (TAFE EAS Vietnam) which is for citizens of Vietnam and Asian Pacific Ocean area. This is the second project in affiliation with domestic prestigious university and college that trains employees and officers in 104 majors of Economics, Technology, Services, etc. 

Launching in early 2017, TAFE Vietnam builds on EAS Vietnam Education proud 22-year-history of exellence in the delivery of vocational education and IHHR in Leadership providing you with tailored work-base and flexible courses. Graduates are equipped with both the technical skills and thinking abilities to adapt and evolve in a modern work setting with up-date standards EAS IHHRM G23.0.

 EAS Vietnam

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